Employee data has to be recorded only once in this system. This is then automatically transferred to the payroll program.


Use reports to keep up to date with wages or fluctuations. Export the completed statements and share with those you need to!


Everything in one place, always up-to-date. Excel tables can be forgotten, the consuming searching and daily updates are over.

Recurring, time-consuming tasks?

Easy to make and transparent reports instead of excel. Making cafeteria statement quickly in the system. Work time management and automatic attendance sheet generation.

Can’t find that freaking statement?

Everything can be uploaded to the employee document library and can be accessed at one click. Paper stacks can be forgotten –  save valuable time, and spend it on other important tasks!

Not enough time to register all the CV’s?

Navigate the candidates to a web interface where you can filter them as you wish in your own recruiting system after registration.

You don’t have to worry because of the privacy statement as the candidate has already accepted it during registration.


You can say your opinion even anonymously about your company within a staff survey.



All personal employee documents stored in one place, securely and easily accessible.


HR executives

Everything is up-to-date, available in one system. No more standalone softwares and outdated excel tables.


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